The dough

Our pizza dough is the traditional “Classic” consisting of water, salt, flour and yeast however the method of cooking changes when the dough is cut into a round shape or Crescent, filled or not with filling, then fried in hot oil. DON’s fried pizza dough (both in composition and in processing) is made according to an ancient family recipe handed down from generation to generation. Our pizza dough takes 12 to 24 hours to rise.

The filling

The classic filling is made of fresh ricotta, pork scratching and a sprinkling of pepper. Through imagination of Neapolitans we have also created additional appetizing combinations with broccoli, provolone, tomato and basil, escarole and olives, mushrooms, sausage, etc …

The smell that emanates from our fried pizza to perfection is unmistakable and tastes absolutely amazing!

DON has also enhanced the distinctive qualities of Neapolitan Gastronomy: using PDO, cooking with only the freshest organic ingredients coupled with absolute respect for tradition!


“Frying” is a cooking technique more common in hot countries because high temperatures eliminate all risks linked to food preservation. As confirmed by the famous Roman poet, Martial: “There is no coincidence that fried cuisines of southern Italy are consumed as a mid-day meal because local fresh food and street markets are always open at this time!”

Then there is to debunk the cliché that frying is harmful and fattening to the body…

The fry and fried foods, in fact, do not hurt the body. It all depends on the quality of the products and technique used. Fried foods stimulate the liver and help it work faster by speeding up your metabolism (it does not make you gain weight). In fact, cooking in oil reduces the glycemic load of foods- which in turn releases blood sugars in the blood thereby removing almost all water present in your body (due to heat convection); which makes food more digestible.

Nutritional properties

Fried food is much closer to a raw food because cooking time is very rapid. When frying, if the oil temperature is kept constant and sustained, it creates a lipid barrier which prevents penetration of the fat and preserves the nutrients inside.

This effect occurs to a greater extent when the oil is in contact with substances that have a high content of starch such as flour or bread crumbs. Then a golden crust called “The Maillard reaction” is created whereby the molecular level acts as a barrier to fat and is permeable to water: characteristic bubbles that are formed around the food is frying and then water molecules will evaporate. Essentially, the food is submerged in the oil while the temperature is kept constant at approximately 160°.

Maurizio IannicelliMaster Pizza Chef
Neapolitan, born in 1967 and an honorary member of APN- Neapolitan Pizza Makers Association. Teaches courses promoted by the same Association in Italy and abroad; is one of the creators of the recipes of fried pizza proposed by DON. Responsible for the success of many historical Neapolitan pizzerias, one of the creators of our highest quality fusions paired exclusively with organic ingredients.
Enrico SilanusMaster Pizza Chef
Born in Milan in 1970, he is known as the baker in the family. Attentive to the product and range of baking principles later guided him to be the revolutionary baker in his hometown. After several years, his passion for pizza motivated him to move to the Pizza Capital of the world…Naples! His experience expanded while making Neapolitan pizza and thus provided Silanus the opportunity to merge his skills of baker with those of skilled pizza maker. Today, after collaborations made abroad, Enrico Silanus is one of the most important architects of the DON project and the quality of its pizzas.